International CITI-LINEN Collection

International CITI-LINEN Collection

Percale 50/50 Quilt Set Plain White (with single edge embroidered stripe option)

Detail of single stripe embroidered stripe option

The CITI collection of linen are 50% Cotton 50% Polyester Percale. They have 220 threads per square inch or 340 threads per 10sq cm, 1/40’s yarn, 120g/m2
They have 3cm top hems and 1cm side hems.


196cm x 300cm
890grams each
(Code: CSKS196)

Queen Long Sheet

250 cm x 305cm
1150grams each
(Code: CSQ250)

King Long Sheet

285cm x 305cm
1310grams each
(Code: CSK285)

Pillow Cover Regular

51cm x 75cm x 18cm
130grams each
(Code: CS5175)

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