About Us

About Us

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Chino House supplies the Australian Hospitality and Commercial Laundry industry with the highest quality Bed Linen, Towels, Bathrobes and Accessories.

Currently supplying many of Australia’s and the world’s most renowned hotels, motels and resorts, Chino House prides itself on our exceptional service and high quality products.

As we at Chino House are a wholesale linen supplier, we can service orders large and small in both Australia and anywhere in the world.

Your orders are always serviced promptly with minimalĀ fuss.

Along with our wide range of superior quality we can also provide custom sizing, weights, colouring and patterns. We also offer computer embroidered logo’s on every thing we make.

Chino House will ship anywhere in the world directly from our factories inĀ China on an FOB or CIF basis, or for Australia out of our warehouse in Melbourne. We specialize in supplying all the Island nations in both the Pacific and Indian Oceans to the highest standard.

You name it, we can service it.

If you would like a detailed list of happy International and / or Australian customers please contact info@chinohouse.com.au

Ph: (03) 9706 8688 Ph2: (03) 9706 8799 Fax: (03) 9706 8988

For orders please email order@chinohouse.com.au or fax us at (03) 9706 8988

For all other enquiries please email Phillip Brown at info@chinohouse.com.au or call on Ph: 0418 323 252.